We launched our new strategic plan in April 2019.

Over overall strategy continues to be to identify and stimulate/deliver activity (in partnerships where possible) to address unmet needs in communities across Uttlesford.

Our strategic aim is to promote, strengthen, nurture and grow a vibrant and sustainable voluntary and community sector in Uttlesford, that addresses the evolving needs and concerns of people who live and work in the area.

To achieve this aim, we have developed a new strategic framework to focus both how we deliver for communities and voluntary sector and the priority issues or themes on which we will concentrate our efforts.

Over the next three years we will focus our work in four primary modes of delivery:

  1. Expert in local insight, community development, co-production and community building
  2. Nurturing grass roots VCS groups and organisations through collaborative project delivery
  3. Collaborating and influencing across West Essex, Essex and beyond
  4. Expert in digital service delivery

Our priority themes are:

  • Health and well-being
  • Building communities
  • Young people

Our core infrastructure support for the VCS will, of course, remain available to all voluntary and community sector organisations and groups in the District (regardless of their beneficiaries or thematic focus.)