We the 15! National Disability Awareness

Sarah Harlow’s United in Kind Coach, has been finding out about disability and inclusion within the community. There are 1.2 billion people with with disabilities which is about 15% of the population. Half of disabled people say they are lonely, and 1 in 4 say they are lonely every day.

I have recently been supporting a client who has a disability and was unable to access services and social groups during the pandemic. He wasn’t able to use technology which meant he didn’t have access to support from social groups.

While supporting him to build his confidence with going out again, we explored opportunities to volunteer. My client was really excited and now helps volunteer for a group who has an allotment in Harlow. The group support children and adults with disabilities, and helps them to develop life skills. This has made a huge difference to his wellbeing, and has lead him to create new social connections.

I too have a disability and know how important social inclusion is. It has sometimes been hard to connect socially but I have found when people understand, they are able to provide support and this has meant that I have felt included and have many social connections. Something as simple as giving someone more time during a conversation to think before they speak can make a huge difference.

There is now a new campaign called WETHE15 which is worldwide on 19th August 2021 famous landmarks across the world are being lit up purple to raise awareness.

Here is the link https://www.wethe15.org/

#Make a difference today!