Small charities need more support

New research shows that small charities offer something valuable, but they need more support

A recent article in The Guardian by the chief executive of The Cellar Trust (a Bradford-based mental health charity) has highlighted the vital role that small charities play in our community, but also draws attention to the fact that for them to fulfil their potential, they need support both from those communities, as well as commissioners of services who are encouraged to look beyond larger organisations well-equipped to compete in the commissioning process.  Kim Shuttler-Jones, CEO of Cellar Trust says:

“The commissioning process can be a challenge for small charities like ours. We don’t have dedicated bidding teams and there have been times when we have been excluded from bidding because we don’t have a big enough turnover. The research shows that this is common. Across the country, 84% of local government investment in charities goes to larger charities. This means rich, person-centred delivery based on deep knowledge of local communities is being lost and, sadly, small charities are disappearing all the time.

CVS Uttlesford, and CVS organisations across the country offer help, support and guidance to new and established charities, incorporated and unincorporated not-for-profits and community and voluntary groups to help them meed need in local areas, and work alongside them to ensure they have the stability they need to sustain those services.

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