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Why should trustees explain the difference that their charity makes?

Charities exist to make a difference – to the lives of those they were set up to help and to wider society. Trustees, volunteers and supporters share a passion for their charity’s cause, in common with those working in the sector.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’ve seen again how vital the work of many individual charities in our society is: charities’ work saves, sustains and enriches life in myriad ways. The lockdown has demonstrated the way in which charities have been relied on to provide life-saving services; whilst we have also seen small local community groups innovating and helping people, in support of a common cause.

We have also seen just how reliant charities are on the contributions people of all backgrounds make on a continuous basis. Charity Commission research has found that the public are keen to know that charities are making the impact they promise to make. People want evidence about how far their donations are going.

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