Working Together: CVS Uttlesford and Frontline

Frontline is a community project that helps the public and frontline workers quickly find details on local health and wellbeing services

Frontline was designed by Uttlesford Citizens Advice, but it is really a large community project where organisations and services sign up to improve people’s knowledge and access to local services. Frontline in west Essex is funded by Essex County Council and the NHS’s West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group. CVS Uttlesford operates a technical support service for Uttlesford, Harlow and Epping Forest Frontline, helping users  both online and via the telephone.

The Frontline Report Q1 Apr to June 2018 is now available to download

Monitoring of Frontline performance by the back office team shows that this quarter has been another best quarter performance in all districts.

We are delighted to partner with Uttlesford Citizens Advice in delivering Frontline across three districts, and together we have ambitious plans to extend the reach of the platform into other districts and regions.  This includes the recent development of installing public access terminals in GP waiting rooms, so that patients can access additional help and support at the same time as they are seeking medical help.   Loneliness and isolation are key concerns in our area.   Our befriending fact sheet has one again been the most popular download.

Kate Robson, Chief Executive Officer of Uttlesford Citizens Advice says:

“Frontline was always an ambitious project to see if the voluntary sector could develop and operate a single, secure pathway to support joint working across community partners – (district councils, social care, local health, community support) and it is working!! Thanks to everyone who really are helping and supporting this project. A special thanks also to Uttlesford CVS – who electronically monitor the system to ensure no referral is ever missed!”

Frontline is free to use – for both services and service users.   To find out more or register visit: