World Mental Health Day 2018


CVS Uttlesford is one of a number of charities and services coming together today to recognise World Mental Health Day 2018.

At a packed event hosted at the Uttlesford Community Hub today, organised and hosted by Mind in West Essex, CVS Uttlesford team members took part in a pledge ceremony aimed to bring an end to mental health discrimination.

Time to Change is a growing movement of people who are changing how we all think and act about mental health problems.    The message coming out of the event today is “Ask twice!”  If people around you – friends, family, colleagues – neighbours – are acting different then ask them if they are ok.  Most people will respond “I’m fine”.   So ask twice.  The second time you are more likely to get the true answer.  We need to make it ok to say “I’m not ok”.

For more information on Time to Change and World Mental Health Day 2018 visit: